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    Duii Attorneys Portland Oregon
    John Tyner respected attorney washington county oregon

    Portland Criminal Attorneys Defense Team

     Portland Attorneys, JJT & ASSOCIATES at our Portland Law Offices we offer aggressive representation and a timely, affordable conclusion to serious Portland Oregon criminal charges. With over two decades of practical criminal defense experience before the state and federal courts, contact JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys at our Portland Law Offices. Our Attorneys have earned a reputation among clients, peers and legal adversaries alike for a comprehensive and successful approach to all criminal defense trial strategies based on intensive investigation and to ensure the correct application of Oregon criminal law.

    Being charged with drunk driving in Portland Oregon, any white collar crime, domestic violence or any crime does not make you guilty, nor does it diminish your legal right to having skilled legal counsel. JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys in Portland Oregon has argued hundreds of jury trials over the past twenty years and is as Portland Attorneys are respected by police and prosecutors alike who will often choose to negotiate terms rather than face our Portland Attorneys in the court room.

    If you have been arrested, make your first call to - JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys law offices Portland Oregon for a consultation and case evaluation. Be respectful to police but insist on your right to legal counsel from a successful trial lawyer, Oregon's Portland Attorneys- Contact JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys Law Offices at (503)-543-6540

    Respect the Police but Remember your Rights!

    Contact- Portland Attorneys-JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys Law Offices immediately after an arrest for:

    Drunk Driving or DUI , Drug Charges , Sex Crimes, Measure 11 charges ,Domestic Violence ,White-Collar Crimes , Shoplifting Theft, Assault, Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes, Post-Judgment, Parole ,Probation Violations. VISIT our Criminal Defense Overview for more information. You have many choices for legal representation after an Oregon felony or misdemeanor arrest. At JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys, we advise you to choose carefully – base your decision on skills, experience and most importantly, the successful resolution of serious criminal charges.

    You must contact a Attorney within 10 days of an arrest to protect your license.
    We offer aggressive criminal defense services after an Oregon Drunk Driving – DUI / DUII Arrest

    JJT & Associates Portland Attorneys DUII Defense attorneys has Over twenty years experience – hundreds of jury trials using sophisticated Investigation – Aggressive Defense

    An Oregon drunk driving, DUI charge will require the immediate intervention of an experienced dui attorney JJT & Associates- DUI Defense Attorneys to not only guide you through the process of arrest, trial and appeals but also to investigate the circumstances of your arrest and vigorously protect your rights. The consequences for even a first-time DUI arrest can be severe, with a range of punishments ranging from:

    Substantial Fines / High-Risk Insurance / Vehicle Forfeiture – Seizure / Driver
    License Suspension – Revocation / Home Monitoring / Alcohol Treatment
    Jail Time – Permanent Criminal Record / Job Loss

    Portland Attorneys- JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Skills: are respected trial litigators frequently asked to lecture, write and comment on new strategies for difficult criminal cases, including Measure 11 mandatory sentencing issues.

    JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys Experience: has over twenty years of practical courtroom experience with hundreds of cases presented to juries in Oregon state and federal courts.

    JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys Successful Results: knows Oregon criminal law and how to navigate the criminal justice system. Police respect them and prosecutors who will often choose to negotiate a plea agreement rather than face the JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys team in court. In addition, JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys Law Offices Attorneys and our staff have received substantial recognition for exemplary legal services over the past two decades:

    Past Vice-President of the Oregon State Bar

    Former VP of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association

    President’s Award Winner (1998) – OCDLA

    Writer, lecturer and mentor for peers statewide and across the country

    JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys, is dedicated to the timely and cost-effective resolution of serious criminal charges. JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys believes that an informed client will be best able to make decisions in their own interest. They will keep you informed of your rights, your options and the consequences of your decisions. You will receive personal attention from the JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys handling your case with a clear explanation of your situation in plain language. A felony or misdemeanor drunk diving arrest, domestic violence charge or other criminal incident can have serious repercussions on both you and your family. Do not entrust your future to an inexperienced criminal defense lawyer who cannot fight for your rights throughout arrest, trial and appeals. Contact the JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys law offices, immediately after an Oregon arrest for a consultation and comprehensive review of your rights.

    Portland Accident Injury Attorneys

    JJT & Associates has practiced law in Oregon since 1987. During that time, JJT & Associates Accident Injury Attorneys Portland has represented people who have been injured in auto accidents, motorcycle crashes, wrongful death, dog bites and numerous other legal matters.

    We fight for you is our commitment we make to all of our clients. We will guide you through the process of dealing with the insurance companies, including your own company, when your dealing with any of the following auto accidents, motorcycle crashes, wrongful death, dog bites and numerous other legal matters to provide you with the best possible results in your case.

    Giving you the best Accident and Injury Attorneys Portland and make every effort to settle your case, Portland Attorneys,John Tyner, Portland Accident Injury Attorneys,Portland DUII attorneys,Fred Anderson,Portland Domestic Violence attorneys,,Oregon Washington California has arbitrated and tried cases to juries all over the State of Oregon and the insurance companies know this. They respect the fact that we will go to trial to fight for you and in many cases, that helps us secure a better results for you.

    Clients of JJT & Associates Accident and Injury Attorneys Portland include people from all walks of life. Each client is different, and every story is personal to you and we respect that. JJT &Associates Accident and Injury Attorneys Portland want you to understand what goes into preparing your case. We make sure our clients understand the process and in the event of a jury trial, what happens at trial, because we make sure that if you ask a question, it is answered. JJT &Associates want you fully informed in the legal process. This partnership ensures better results for you. And, if you feel that JJT &Associates are the best Accident and Injury Attorneys Portland and did the best possible work for you on your case, you will tell others about JJT & Associates Accident and Injury Attorneys Portland.

    More Information

    Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys

    As scientific research has become more sophisticated, we are able to apply these new techniques to challenge the “opinion-based” assumptions made by prosecution, including issues of probable cause, interpretation of video surveillance.

    Recent changes to Oregon domestic violence laws designed with the best intentions are frequently overreaching and counterproductive. We recognize that many times during the heat of an argument, partners are unaware of the consequences of making that call to the police, believing that the presence of law enforcement will defuse the situation. The sad truth is that law enforcement is now left with little choice after an emergency call but to make domestic violence charges, driving a further wedge of resentment between spouses. Even without a cooperating witness, a situation that might have called for counseling in the past is now a serious domestic violence charges with substantial penalties, including fines and jail time. domestic violence charges: Divorce Cases: False / Retaliatory Accusations: When one partner seeks to end a marriage, they may act punitively by making false and retaliatory accusations of domestic abuse in order to secure domestic violence charges for additional compensation, custody of children or to simply file domestic violence charges to punish a former partner for perceived wrongs during the marriage. We understand the difficult emotional and legal issues you are facing from domestic violence charges and will work closely with you to clearly identify your options and develop the best defense strategy available for domestic violence charges based on the law and our own thorough investigation of case background.

    Domestic violence charges / Domestic Abuse / Rape / Assault / Stalking / Divorce Cases /
    Violations of the Family Abuse Protection Act (FAPA) / Kidnapping / Drugs - Weapons

    JJT & Associates Criminal Defense Attorneys provides legal advice and representation to individuals throughout the Portland area and across Oregon facing any of the crimes listed and others not listed. Measure 11 crimes, Murder Manslaughter, Marijuana-PC-Meth-heroin, Rape, Sexual Assault, Prostitution, Solicitation, Arson, Forgery, Child Molestation, domestic violence charges, Sexual Abuse, Internet Crime charges, Accident and Injuries, Tort law , Slip and Fall Injuries, Trucking Accidents, Head injuries, Spinal injuries, Automobile Accidents, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Motor vehicle accidents, Car accident injury, Motorcycle accidents, Premises Liability law, Wrongful Death, Medical malpractice, Occupational exposure to hazardous conditions or substances, Construction or other workplace accidents, Psychological, personal injuries, Personal injury claim, Dui drunk while driving

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    JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys have spent over two decades developing a successful defense practice as JJT & ASSOCIATES Portland Attorneys, Portland Injury Attorneys, When you need the Best DUI attorneys Portland, Domestic Violence attorneys Portland.
    95% of Practice Devoted to Litigation


    The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult our attorneys for individual advice regarding your own situation.