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  • Portland Attorneys- Portland Domestic Violence Attorney

    Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys Reckless driving DUI DUII Vehicular manslaughter Vehicular homicide Driving after license suspension Speeding

    Contact Attorney J. Tyner or Attorney Fred Anderson Or Attorney S. Boyd
    Portland Attorneys- Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys

    Experienced Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys trial representation for Oregon residents after domestic violence charges

    Contact our Portland Attorneys offices today for a consultation and review of your rights before your first court appearance.

    There is no question that domestic violence between spouses and partners is a serious social problem today. Unfortunately, new legislation and an overzealous approach by law enforcement will often result in serious criminal charges after a relatively minor dispute. Portland domestic violence Attorneys are experienced criminal defense trial attorneys who will vigorously protect your rights and secure the best resolution possible under the circumstances after an arrest for domestic violence and related charges. He has many years of experience and is in compliance with the American Bar Associations performance guidelines for criminal defense.

    Domestic Violence / Domestic Abuse / Rape / Assault / Stalking / Divorce Cases /
    Violations of the Family Abuse Protection Act (FAPA) / Kidnapping / Drugs - Weapons

    Recent changes to Oregon domestic violence laws designed with the best intentions are frequently overreaching and counterproductive. Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys recognizes that many times during the heat of an argument, partners are unaware of the consequences of making that call to the police, believing that the presence of law enforcement will defuse the situation. The sad truth is that law enforcement is now left with little choice after an emergency call but to make an arrest, driving a further wedge of resentment between spouses. Even without a cooperating witness, a situation that might have called for counseling in the past is now a serious criminal charge with substantial penalties, including fines and jail time.

    Domestic Crime Law: Divorce Cases: False / Retaliatory Accusations

    When one partner seeks to end a marriage, they may act punitively by making false and retaliatory accusations of domestic abuse in order to secure additional compensation, custody of children or to simply punish a former partner for perceived wrongs during the marriage. At Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys, we understand the difficult emotional and legal issues you are facing and will work closely with you to clearly identify you options and develop the best defense strategy available based on the law and our own thorough investigation of case background.

    A domestic violence conviction is difficult to expunge and will appear on criminal background checks far into the future, resulting in loss of potential employment, professional credentials, teaching licenses and security clearance. Please contact Portland Domestic Violence Attorneys offices today for a consultation and review of your rights immediately after an arrest.

    Attorneys in Portland Oregon provides legal advice and representation to individuals throughout the Portland area and across Oregon facing any of the crimes listed and others not listed. Measure 11 crimes, Murder Manslaughter, Marijuana-PC-Meth-heroin, Rape, Sexual Assault, Prostitution, Solicitation, Arson, Forgery, Child Molestation, domestic violence charges, Sexual Abuse, Internet Crime charges, Accident and Injuries, Tort law , Slip and Fall Injuries, Trucking Accidents, Head injuries, Spinal injuries, Automobile Accidents, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Motor vehicle accidents, Car accident injury, Motorcycle accidents, Premises Liability law, Wrongful Death, Medical malpractice, Occupational exposure to hazardous conditions or substances, Construction or other workplace accidents, Psychological, personal injuries, Personal injury claim, Duii drunk while driving

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